Social Media

Use social media to help fix our broken bail system.

Join our community of activists, supporters, and volunteers who are working to transform our current system into a bail system that works for everyone. Contact your lawmaker and let them know that you want bail reform legislation passed this year.

Craft your message

Use our social media toolkit for sample posts you can use on social media.

Use hashtags

Use the following hashtags in all of your social media posts.
#BailReformNow | #ThisisSmartJustice | #mileg

Tag lawmakers

Use our database of social media accounts to find your lawmaker’s account. If your lawmaker isn’t on social media, tag House Judiciary Chair, Representative Graham Filler (@grahamfiller).

Use an image

Use one of our Smart Justice graphics in your social media posts.

Sign Petition

Michigan’s flawed bail system drives mass incarceration. Tell your lawmaker it’s time to fix it.

Sign this petition to tell your lawmakers that we must pass bail reform legislation this year. Together, we can transform our bail system so that it works for everyone.